Day Care

Types of Day Care Surgeries

Various departments perform day care surgeries for various parts of the body. Eye surgeries, such as Cataract operation, Corneal incision, Eyelid incision, and Tear Duct operationare some of the common ones. Adenoidectomy for the throat, Appendectomy for gastrointestinal issues, Piles/fistula for rectal issues, Septoplasty for the nose and Angiography, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy are also types of day care surgeries.

Preparing for Day Care

Preparation varies for different types of day care surgeries. Most of the instructions would be provided by the doctor during the pre-operative assessment. Some common preparations that are required are no consumption of food, milk, sweets or chewing gum after midnight. The patient can drink water till early morning but not after that. Any on-going medication should be reviewed to avoid interference with the planned surgery. Alcohol consumption and smoking are strictly prohibited before and after the surgery. Post-surgery it is important that the patient is supervised by an adult.